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Rates are based on a 45 hour work week or 9 hours a day.  Any hours over operation hours are considered time and a half. Operation Hours are 6am till 6pm.  May be flexible for the "RIGHT FAMILY". Rates are subject to change without notice.  Rates in affect as of June1st, 2015, for all NEW children and New contracts.
Full Time
Infants (6 weeks till 24 months and/or Potty Trained) $110.00 weekly
Toddler (2 years and Potty Trained till 5 years of age) $95.00 weekly
Preschool Year Round (5 & 6 years of age) $50.00 weekly (attending half day school)
School Age Year Round $45.00 weekly (all day school) Not Summer Rate
School Age Summer Care Only $65.00 weekly
To Get Toddler Rate Your Child Must Be Potty Trained For A Full 3 Months.
Part Time (Minimum 3 days a week infant/toddler)
Infant $30.00 a day per child(min. $90.00 a week = 3 days to sign contract. Contract decides payment amount.) No hourly care for infants only daily!
Toddler $25 per day or $3 an hour per child.(min. $75 a week= 3 days to sign contract. Contract decides payment amount.) Hourly 5 hour min. at $15
Preschool and School Age $2.50 per hour or $20.00(all day) per day per child
Over Time
Infant and Toddler (Prearranged) $3.50 per hour per child
Preschool and School Aged (Prearranged) $3.00 per hour per child
Not arranged (late pick-up and early drop-off) $2.00 per 15 min. per child (JUST CALL)
I offer a $5 per family (not per child) per week Sibling Discount. Does not apply to part time care. Must be Full Time to get.
Fall Special...50% off First  week of care. Does not apply to part-time. Must start by 09/30/17.
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