Lovey-Dovey Daycare In Westernport, Md- The Best in the Business - "Looking for a few Angels's to Love like my Own!"
I am among one of the most talented people in the industry. It would be my pleasure to put my extensive experience to work for you. My philosophy's are...Simple. IT TAKES A VILLAGE. NO {I} In Team! Together we can work toward any goals you have for children. Whether it be academic, social or emotional, I am willing to help you with any and all needs of your children. I have an open door policy... You are always welcome to visit and talk about how we can better meet your child's needs.
No child is different, they just want someone to love them and a little love goes a long way. But if we need discipline I believe in the "Three Strike" rule. The first two "Strikes" are warnings with redirect. The third "Stirke" is a "Time-Out'. I use a chair and corner for older children. Unless the offense is serious or harmful to ones self or others, then the discipline is automatic. If the behavior continues then a meeting will be held to talk about a way we can work together to over come the problem. We are a team.
Children love to learn and I love to teach. Learn by play. We do Music Time to work on our shapes and large motor skills. We do work with Blocks to improve our counting skills, colors and small motor skills. We work on chalk board to improve our memory skills. We do Story Time (sometimes, but not always at local Library) to help with vocabulary skills. 2 to 4 year olds have Worksheet Time to work on their writting skills. We do V-smile as a learning tool. We will go on walks to local parks to learn about the world around us. We also have many weekly trips to local McDonalds. Children are always learning and want to know more, so we stay very besy.
Can be a lot of work, but stay consistent and a little work goes a long way. I do a reward system while training. Stickers for #1 and a small piece of candy for #2. A really big "Fire Cracker" high five for coming to me when they have to go. Not all kids learn at the same age or pace. Stay consistent and it will happen.
Parents Rights & Hand Book
Arrival & Departure:
Children should arrive to child care clean, dressed for the day and fed (if arriving after breakfast or lunch). Please make your goodbye brief no more than a couple minutes, the longer you prolong your departure the harder it is for your child. Never leave without telling your child goodbye.I ask that you call at least 15 minutes before your normal drop off time if your child will not be attending child care on any given day. I also ask that you inform me as soon as possible if your child is going to be late to child care. Knowing in advance will allow me to better plan daily activities. The Parent(s)/Guardian(s) or emergency contact are the only people who will be able to pick your child up unless prior arrangements have been made. In the event someone other than you will be picking your child up I require a written note with the persons name and relationship to the child be presented by a parent. Photo identification will also be required to verify identity.If there is a court order keeping one parent from a child I must have a written note from the custodial parent and a legal court document to verify. I am not able to prevent the non-custodial parent from picking the child up without verification.  Late or early pick-up must be made in advance, if not then extra fees will apply.  No more then two in any given month and not to exceed more then 15 mins.  If you are running late then call as soon as you can to let me know.  Or try to make arrangements with a back-up to pick-up.  Fees due as they occur.
Substitute Care:
If for any reason I need to leave for an emergency or an appointment my husband Jim, My sons David and Derek, niece Emily or my Mom will provide care. They are my subs and have cleared a back ground check  with the department of Social Services. In the event I am ill and cannot provide care you will need to obtain your own back up care arrangements. I will notify you as soon as possible if I am not able to provide care for your child. On these days I can not provide you care you will not be charged if I must close with out two-week notice. I have not had to close in over 6 years.  If I am closed for vacation or holidays you will need to find your own back up care for your child.  All full-time children pay for these days.  See your contract.  Subs can be here to provide care for any such times as I need to make trips to school, doc. visits, or any other trips needed for me or my family.  And can be done without notice to you and are part of your weekly rate.
Rest Time:
All children are required by law to have a rest period. No child is forced to sleep but they must remain quiet during the designated time. They are asked to lay down and stay still.  Children under two years of age will sleep in a pack and play. Bassinets, cradles, car seats, swings or bounce seats will not be used for sleeping. Infants will sleep on their backs according to the recommended guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. If your infant needs to sleep on his/her stomach or in an unauthorized sleeping arrangement you must obtain a written statement from your doctor. Children two years and over are provided a safe, comfortable sleep space with a sleep mat and separate bedding (a blanket and pillow).
Smoking, Illegal Drugs & Alcohol:
Illegal drugs and smoking are NEVER permitted anywhere on child care grounds or in my home this includes but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Alcohol is not permitted in my home or on child care grounds while children are in child care. If any of these terms are violated this contract will be terminated and deposits will be forfeited. Any individual (including myself) who has access to the children I provide care for is prohibited from abusing prescription medication or being in any manner under the influence of any chemical that would impair our ability to provide care. Not kept on PROPERTY.
Payment in full is due  weekly on Monday Morning or on the First day of care that week. The only exception is drop in (hourly) care which is paid same day. Payments made on time or children will not be permitted into child care until the payment has been made. At the end of the year you will be given a receipt of total payments made and my tax id number. I do charge a deposit at the end of the trial period of one week of care to be used toward your last week of care.
Late Payment Fee:   
Is $5.00 for every day payment is not received. Child care will not be resumed until the outstanding balance is paid. Numerous late payments could result in termination of this contract.
Returned Check Fee:
Is $40.00 plus any additional cost I incur as a result of the check being returned. If more than two checks  returned, cash will be required for payment.
Served  fallowing nutritious guidelines  meals & snacks will be provided if your child is present during the specified times:I participate in the Child and Adult Food Program which promotes healthy eating. Children are encouraged but not forced to eat healthy nutritious meals. Whole grain and no sugar. It is your responsibility to notify me of any allergies or special diet needs your child may have.  If a child’s arrival time is after breakfast or lunch please be sure they have eaten a well balanced meal before arriving at child care. For I will not serve anything after meal time, until next meal. Please do not send fast food or half eaten food with your child. You are permitted to bring special treats in for the children as long as there is enough for every child in care that day. **Baby food is provided for infants 1 year and younger. It is your responsibility to provide infant formula.
Television Time:
Limited television viewing is permitted. Children will only be allowed to watch child appropriate shows/movies. They are NEVER required to sit and watch television and it will never be offered in place of free play or learning activities. We do have days where we will have Movies and activities around them.
Field Trips:
Children will be taken on outings and field trips to local places in the general area on Fridays. Some large Field trips are generally planned in advance but there may be times you will be notified on the day of an outing. It is not mandatory that your child participate in these activities but if you choose not to allow your child on these trips it will be your responsibility to find alternative care during the time we are away. All children will be restrained with the proper life saving device (either a seat belt or a car seat).  However if you choose not to send your child you still pay your weekly rate.
Child Abuse:
I am required by law to report any suspected child abuse including: verbal, sexual, physical, emotional or suspected neglect.
Trial Period & Termination:
A two week trial period is given for children to adjust to child care. If after two weeks you are not satisfied for any reason you are able to terminate this contract. In the event I feel that your child is not adjusting to my home, the other children or myself I also am able to terminate this contract. After the trial period, care cannot be terminated or you can not withdraw without giving a two weeks written notice, unless I feel you or your child is a danger to me, my family or the other kids in my care, then it can be done on the spot.  But you must give notice after trial period in writing or fees will be charged until such a time as you do or court action.  A one week deposit will be charged at this time to go toward last week of care. Deposit is same amount as one weeks payment.
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